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A genetically modified GM strain of malaria-resistant mosquito has been created that is better able to survive than disease-carrying insects. At that moment the Sun is about to rise at Calcutta. The Sun sets at Guatamala. Pluto rises at Zagreb. Jupiter rises at Venice. Neptune, Mars and Saturn planetary lines straddle the Iran Afghan border. The young Aries Moon applies in fiery trine to Pluto.

This equinox is a spirited and optimistic affair. The moment is youthful and energetic. Hard work and trouble may lie ahead but they will be met with courage and fortitude. This combination of the Moon and Venus in Taurus can be especially gentle if allowed. However as the day follows through the harsh opposition of Mars and Saturn which peaks tomorrow gains the upper hand. The gentleness is short lived.

This waxing crescent Moon locks into yet another planetary quadrilateral today involving Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. The peaking climax of this planetary pattern occurs around GMT. Yesterday UN chief Ban Ki-moon was shaken but unhurt as a live news conference in Baghdad was rocked by a mortar attack. Jamaican police questioned Pakistan's entire cricket squad over the shock death of coach Bob Woolmer. There has been heavy shooting in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, between the opposition leader's guards and the army.

Six-nation talks on North Korea's nuclear programme have ended without progress after its chief negotiator flew home amid a row over money. A leading Zimbabwean cleric said on Thursday he was ready to face bullets in the street amid international condemnation of Robert Mugabe's regime and fears of a renewed wave of repression. The next two days are astrologically energetic. This is a good day to communicate and keep on the move.

There may be lots to talk about. A real buzz of energy may well be perceived. The major astrological factor right now as we pull out of the current eclipse season is a close conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Aquarius on Sunday. There is vision, direction, motion and calling in this astrological wave. High ideals couple with dynamism. It should be an interesting weekend. The waxing and decelerating crescent Moon in Gemini today forms a mystic rectangle with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune.

The peak of this energy 'burst' is around GMT. All day long the astrological energy associated with tomorrow's planetary conjunction of Mars and Neptune intensifies. An earthquake of magnitude 7. Meanwhile, two quakes - measured at 7. There were no reports of damage or casualties. The larger quake struck at GMT Sunday, and was followed 28 minutes later by the magnitude 6.

Both were centred km miles south-east of the capital, Port Vila. At least people have been killed in gun battles between government troops and militiamen in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa. Leaders from the 27 EU nations adopt a declaration calling for institutional reforms within two years. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday it is important for Israel and the Palestinians to establish a "common agenda" to move forward on creating a Palestinian state.

The Pakistani cricket team arrived in London on Sunday after being permitted to leave Jamaica following further questioning of individual members about the death of coach Bob Woolmer. We are now coming to the end of the current eclipse season. The Moon today waxing past first quarter is decelerating in Cancer. She trines Uranus and is void at GMT for the following 27 hours. No sooner is the Mars Neptune conjunction which was exact yesterday over, that another planetary conjunction starts to bite.

Mercury is within 8 degrees of Uranus and closing. This conjunction occurs on April 1st. The week ahead sees the Moon waxing to the Full. There is a lunar occultation of Saturn on Thursday, and a lunar occultation of the star Regulus on Friday. Britain and Iraq are increasing pressure on Iran to release 15 British sailors and marines seized in what Tehran insists were its territorial waters. Northern Ireland's major Protestant and Catholic parties yesterday hailed a deal to form a power-sharing government as a "new era of politics" to end three decades of sectarian conflict in the British province.

Aftershocks jolted the west coast of central Japan on Monday, keeping residents on edge a day after a strong earthquake killed one person, injured nearly and flattened homes. The Sun and Moon are then both in fire signs together with Saturn and Jupiter. Up to people may have been killed in last week's clashes in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa, European Union diplomats say.

Insurgents yesterday blew up two trucks in the northern Iraqi town of Talafar, killing 48 people and injuring The UK government is trying to "discreetly talk" to Iran about the seizure of 15 navy personnel,. Today the Moon decelerates and waxes in Leo, applying all day towards occultations with Saturn tomorrow and with Regulus on Friday. A captured British female sailor was shown on Iranian state TV saying "we trespassed" in Iran's waters.

At least 70 Sunnis were yesterday shot dead in a north Iraqi town, in apparent reprisal for bombings in a Shia area. Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was detained in a raid on his headquarters, his party says. A petrol tanker explosion has killed at least 98 people in a remote village in north-western Nigeria. An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with NASA's Cassini mission. NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged the feature over two decades ago.

The fact that it has appeared in Cassini images indicates that it is a long-lived feature. A second hexagon, significantly darker than the brighter historical feature, is also visible in the Cassini pictures. The spacecraft's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer is the first instrument to capture the entire hexagon feature in one image. Zodiacal conjunction GMT at 19 degrees Leo. This is seen as a lunar occultation of Saturn from northern Scotland and Norway.

The astrology of this day in keeping with current news stories indicate troublesome times. Mercury is rapidly drawing to a conjunction with Uranus in Pisces which peaks on Sunday. This conjunction adds more than a touch of 'the unexpected' to the power of the coming Full Moon. The US Senate yesterday backed a March date to withdraw troops from Iraq, defying a presidential veto threat. Iran may delay its plan to release the only woman among 15 captured Royal Navy crew because of the UK's "incorrect attitude", an official has said. There is a Lunar occultation visible from the UK of Regulus approx.

The Moon immediately enters Virgo. There are three astrological events about to take place, the first is the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus which peaks on Sunday and the second is an nuastere square aspect between Venus and Saturn first thing on Monday morning and the third is the approach of a dynamic and richly eventful Full Moon on Monday. The weekend ahead is dominated by these three 'waves'. April April starts with Mercury aligning to Uranus on the 1st of the month, the Moon aligning to Uranus on April 14th and ends with Mars aligning even more tightly to Uranus on the 29th.

The month is astrologically dynamic and largely positive with several helpful and inspiring planetary pictures. There are also more challenging T-squares both in Fixed and Mutable signs at the month's end. The month commences with the Moon nearly full, and a 'trapezoidal planetary pattern' in sway involving Venus, Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus, and Jupiter. This dissolves by the 5th, only to be replaced with a mighty strong and benevolent Saturn, Jupiter, Sun in fiery grand trine.

Peaking on the 8th, the grand trine then orientates itself more strongly onto the Saturn Neptune opposition morphing to a Kite planetary pattern by the 12th. As the wave breaks the Moon draws Jupiter and Saturn to fiery grand trine briefly on the 16th, the day before a good New Moon. It is then the time of Mercury to complete a fiery Grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn on the 22nd. A mutable T-square then follows peaking on the 25th and tightening to a grand mutable cross with the Moon towards midnight GMT at the end of April 27th. The month ends harshly and electrically with Mars aligning to Uranus squaring a Jupiter Venus opposition in fixed signs.

She enters Libra at GMT. From this point in time the tenseness of the last couple of days gives way to the more socially orientated nature of the imminent Full Moon in Libra. Mercury aligns to Uranus within 2 degrees GMT. Zodiacal conjunction at 16 degrees Pisces at GMT. Venus squares both Saturn and Neptune over the next few days. The T-square is in fixed signs. As the day progresses and the Venus Saturn square aspect, the forerunner to tomorrow's Full Moon, bites hard. There is a touch of austerity amid the generally tumultuous feel of today. Iranians on Sunday protested at the British embassy in Tehran against the "illegal entry" into their waters of UK navy personnel.

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert invited Arab leaders to attend a regional peace conference. Fifty-two people have been killed in fresh fighting between foreign militants and local tribesmen in Pakistan, the interior minister says. Homes and businesses in Sydney turned lights out across the city to try to raise awareness of global warming.

Photo above. As such the changes and events initiated with that eclipse now begin to make themselves apparent. This is a climax of new beginnings. This Full Moon is a dynamic affair with several astrological and planetary patterns manifest in the skies of Earth. These involve a 'mystic rectangle', and a fiery grand trine and a kite formation. The Full Moon herself in the 15 hours following the peak of the Full Moon will form a 'finger of fate' picture with a tight Venus and Mercury sextile. This spells energy, temperance, action and event.

Saturn is, most significantly, conjunct the local MC of Tehran. A fateful start to the GMT day is forecast. This is the penultimate lunar occultation of Spica in the current series. There is one more on the last day of this month. The next one after that is in April The slowly waning Moon sextiles Pluto and is void of course at State of the skies:- The Sun is today half way through Aries.

The slow moving but now accelerating Moon wanes in Scorpio. We have now left the eclipse season. The Sun is building to a wondrous fiery grand trine with Saturn and Jupiter which dominates the skies of Earth over the next week with great positive potential. Mars enters Pisces Mars will reside in this sign until May 15th The major event during this residency will be his alignment to Uranus on April 29th The world's poorest people will be hardest hit by climate change, experts at a summit on Thursday on global warming warned.

At least 27 people were killed yesterday in a suicide bombing in the city of Ramadi, as clashes erupted in southern Iraq. A solar wind stream is heading for Earth. Sky watchers from Scandinavia to Alaska should be alert for auroras when it arrives on April 9th A similar solar wind stream hit Earth on April 1st, causing the display shown above.

The planetary grand trine metamorphoses into a planetary kite in the skies of Earth over these next three days across the Saturn Neptune axis. Water has been detected for the first time in the atmosphere of a planet outside our Solar System. The planet, known as HD b, is a Jupiter-like gas giant located light-years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. China's prime minister has used a landmark address in Japan's parliament to urge Tokyo to face up to its wartime past. A blast on a bridge in Baghdad has killed at least eight people, sending cars toppling into the River Tigris below.

At least 35 people died in a series of bomb and suicide attacks yesterday in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The BBC voiced concern at reports that reporter Alan Johnston is dead, but stresses there is no verification. Voters in Ecuador are deciding whether to back the president's call for moves towards a new constitution. State of the skies:- The Sun is today at 26 degrees Aries. There are 64 days to the solstice. The Sun enters Taurus on Friday. The next New Moon is tomorrow.

This is the first New Moon after the partial solar eclipse on March 19th. Mercury is now a rapidly moving 'morning star' in Aries. He will be at 'superior conjunction' on the far side of the Sun on May 3rd. During the next week he will form a fiery grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn.

Mars is in Pisces less than 10 degrees from his close conjunction with Uranus which occurs on April 29th. The week ahead is coloured by tomorrow's strong New Moon and the positive grand trine in fire signs involving Jupiter and Saturn and Mercury. This really is a time to push ahead with all projects.

Under the influence of an old Moon in Aries yesterday a lone gunman killed at least 21 people and wounded at least 29 more on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, before shooting himself,. Powerful spring storms battering the eastern US have claimed at least eight lives and caused widespread flooding and damage to property. Today the old Moon is at perigee GMT. At this moment the Moon is closer to the Earth than at anytime between and The New Moon in Aries is strongly trined by Pluto.

Big positive changes are inaugurated from today's lunation. Both bodies are setting over Mongolia, central China and western Thailand. The pair are rising over central USA. At Baghdad Mars sets and Venus culminates. Saturn is exactly rising at Munich. Under the beams of an infant Moon it is now the turn of Mercury to take advantage of the Jupiter Saturn trine. Another fiery grand trine builds up over the next five days.

Immigration records show that he was born in South Korea on 18 January and had moved to the US in , when he was eight. Astrologers will be interested to learn that on the date of birth of this man, the Moon was full in late Cancer square a Mars Pluto conjunction in early Scorpio. Yesterday's new Moon squared Full Moon position of his birth date. Mercury is in tightening grand trine relationship with Jupiter and Saturn. These next few days are good times to promote positive and assertive ideas and proposals Optimistic thinking strikes a common chord.

We can expect strong tides around the coasts of Earth today and tomorrow because of yesterday's New Moon at perigee. At least people were yesterday killed in a string of attacks in Iraq's capital, Baghdad - the worst day of violence since a US security operation began. In the deadliest incident, some people were killed in a car bombing in a food market in Sadriya district. A witness said the area had been turned into "a swimming pool of blood". The student who killed at least 30 people at a US university was admitted to a mental health unit in The student was born on the day of a Full Moon.

See yesterday's comment. Saturn turns direct GMT today and begins the final phase of his residence in Leo which ends on September 2nd when he enters Virgo. Last year Earth's gravity apparently captured a tiny asteroid that ventured too near our planet.

But this "second Moon" will only hang around until June, when it'll get shoved back out into interplanetary space. Twenty-four Taliban fighters were killed during a seven-hour battle with Afghan and coalition forces at nightfall Wednesday in southern Afghanistan, the U. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Iraq yesterday after a bloody hour stretch in Baghdad that left more than people dead. The announced visit came as another car bomb exploded in the Iraqi capital, killing 12 people. The long-dormant Nevado del Huila volcano in southwest Colombia erupted late Tuesday and early Wednesday, provoking avalanches and floods that swept away houses and bridges and prompted thousands to evacuate.

The volcano's eruption at p. A second eruption occurred at a. Experts did not rule out more eruptions.

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Mercury is now in tight grand trine relationship with Jupiter and Saturn. Despite an essentially violent week in world news in the wake of the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday, there maybe a new optimism today invoked by this fiery grand trine. Use it well. This waxing but decelerating Moon enters Cancer The mood of the day changes. A more 'retentive' but still optimistic atmosphere prevails. The Moon waxes in Cancer.

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The background astrological atmosphere is homely and nourishing today but Venus is about to square Mars so conflicts between the collective anima and animus will be likely. This one is not good for personal relationships. She enters Leo GMT and approaches first quarter phase. Mercury in Aries is an 'morning star' although visibly lost in the glare of the sunrise on the far side of the Sun, he is moving quickly and today is sextile Neptune at GMT. Venus, a very bright 'evening star' in Gemini squares Mars GMT, and makes a square with Uranus in Pisces and an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius over the next week.

Five degrees now separate Mars and Uranus in Pisces. This is the next planetary wave to engulf us. This one climaxes next weekend. French voters yesterday flocked to the polls in high numbers for the most unpredictable presidential poll in decades. Nigeria's biggest election monitoring group says Saturday's poll was so flawed it should be re-run. More than 60 people have been killed in a fourth day of heavy fighting between Ethiopian troops and Islamist militia in Somalia's capital of Mogadishu. Ruling party candidate Umaru Yar'Adua is declared the winner of Nigeria's controversial presidential poll.

The top two candidates in the first round of the French presidential election are beginning intense campaigning for the run-off on 6 May. Twin Nasa spacecraft have captured 3D images that will aid the study of solar explosions capable of causing havoc on Earth. Environmental officers have begun an assessment of the effects of a major sewage leak into the Firth of Forth UK. The Moon reaches first quarter phase at 4 degrees Leo GMT today and appears to move steadily towards Saturn to which she almost exactly aligns tomorrow.

With the Sun and Moon in Taurus and Leo receptively both fixed signs we can expect a lavish and resplendent mixture of cosmic energies today and tomorrow. A fine time for children. Hundreds of people yesterday gathered to pay respects at a Moscow church, where the body of Boris Yeltsin lies in state. An attack by gunmen in eastern Ethiopia has left 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese oil workers dead. Ethiopian tanks are pounding parts of the Somali capital, stepping up a week-long campaign against insurgents and fighters from the Hawiye clan.

Kryptonite is no longer just the stuff of fiction feared by caped superheroes. A new mineral matching its unique chemistry - as described in the film Superman Returns - has been identified in a mine in Serbia. The discovery of a vast fossil forest hundreds of metres underground has provided an extraordinary picture of some of Earth's earliest plants.

This is an occultation of Saturn from Alaska. This is 6th of the current monthly series of 12 Lunar occultations of Saturn. The following few days are astrologically dynamic. The major aspect is an alignment of Mars and Uranus in Pisces which peaks on Sunday. This alignment is hooked into a 'mutable T-square' with Venus and Jupiter which holds sway right up to the Full Moon on May 2nd. The period ahead is also dotted with occultations by the Moon of Saturn, today , Regulus, tomorrow , and Spica next Monday.

Fasten your seat belts Ladies and Gentlemen we are going on a ride. Astronomers have found the most Earth-like planet outside our Solar System to date, a world which could have water running on its surface. The planet orbits the faint star Gliese , which is Scientists made the discovery using the Eso 3. The Dow Jones, America's main share index, yesterday passed the 13, mark for the first time in its history.

This is an astrologically dynamic configuration which may well 'induce' important events on the world stage and in our personal lives over the next few days. This is the 4th of 20 monthly lunar occultations of this star. From that moment the Sun and the Moon are in earth signs. Astrological pressure is now on the increase. Today may start on an positive note but could end awkwardly as Venus and Uranus hit their square aspect and 'set off' the mutable cross.

There is a potential for aberration and critical mistakes as night falls GMT. What follows in the second half of this day is fairly remarkable. The Moon, the Earth, Mars and Uranus all align within a couple of degrees. On Saturday morning for the Americas , 1st-magnitude Mars, 4. On Sunday morning, Mars is below the two faint dots. Try looking with binoculars or a telescope about 75 minutes before sunrise, depending on the clarity of the air. Mars aligns with Uranus tomorrow. This planetary conjunction occurs every couple of years. It is an explosive mixture of planetary energies which usually inflames existing conflicts and initiates new ones.

The entry into the theater of war in Afghanistan of US marines on Monday 26th November coincided with a conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Aquarius. On June 23rd the same conjunction in Pisces coincided with some of the first British military deaths in southern Iran. The last conjunction was on May 15th In The Daze of the time I quote myself here.

The single world event which seems to correspond with this cosmic fire cracker is the thousands seeking to escape the violence in the Uzbek town of Andijan and clashing with police near the Kyrgyz border. It is not clear how many died, but some residents report seeing hundreds of bodies. Thousands of protesters reappeared on the streets of Andijan on Saturday, despite the bloodshed. The Daze The next and final conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Pisces occurs on April 15th The following five after that occur in Aries.

At the present time the Mars and Uranus conjunction is 'hooked into' a mutable cross with Venus and Jupiter. This add more power to the current situation. Today as the current Mars Uranus conjunction draws to its climax so the slow moving Moon reaches gibbous phase 23 degrees Virgo GMT.

The procession towards her monthly climax then also commences. There is an excess of energy associated with this arm of the planetary T-square. Remember today is potentially 'critically excessive'. An earthquake of at least 4. The chart above set for the epicentre is that of the time of this UK earthquake.

UK Earthquake page. A lunar occultation of the star Spica occurs today at visible from southern polar regions. This is the last lunar occultation of Spica until April May is astrologically reasonably quiet once the Full Moon on May 2nd is over. The UK however is subject to three daylight lunar occultations. The first on May 12th is of Uranus. The next is of Saturn on the 22nd and the last is of Regulus on 23rd. Turkey's constitutional court yesterday annuled a presidential election but the government vowed to hold a new vote.

At least 30 civilians were killed in the latest Nato-led offensive in Afghanistan. Cuba's leader Fidel Castro did not appear at the annual May Day parade, fuelling speculation over his health. Computer models of climate change have underestimated the pace of Arctic melting, a study concludes. The peak of the next sunspot cycle is expected in late or mid -- potentially affecting airline flights, communications satellites and electrical transmissions. But forecasters can't agree on how intense it will be.

As such the events and energies 'set up' at the time of the March Eclipse are now made fully manifest. This Full Moon is opposite Mercury. The major challenge at this time is one of communication and understanding. The quality of this lunation is intense and concentrated. At this time Jupiter is in fiery trine relationship to Saturn and in mutable square aspect to Uranus. There is great opportunity for spiritual growth here. Saturn is exactly rising at Budapest and Copenhagen. Neptune has just set over Western Turkey.

The pattern holds sway up to the time of the superior conjunction of Mercury tomorrow. Olmert is facing increasing pressure to quit after an interim report blamed him for rushing into last year's war with Hezbollah militants in Lebanon. Turkey's ruling AK Party on Wednesday proposed to bring forward a parliamentary election to June 24 to ease tensions after an increasingly bitter standoff between the Islamist-rooted government and the secular elite.

Small moons are acting as shepherds using their gravity to herd dust and boulders in Jupiter's faint rings, NASA scientists report. The finding is one of several discoveries made from images captured in late February by the New Horizons probe. Jupiter's 'big red spot' graphic above. This point in time symbolically represents a 'Full Mercury', a climax of thought processes revelation and objectivity. This occurs three times a year.

【逸品】 ●◆【5個セット】 HORIC アンテナケーブル 20m ホワイト 両側F型ネジ式コネクタ ストレート/ストレートタイプ HAT200-339SSWHX5 定番

After this moment Mercury is astrologically an 'evening star' and as such invokes a more reflective and 'backward looking' universal mentality. The slow moving but now accelerating 'hung over' Moon in Scorpio today squares Neptune and is void of course from GMT. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met Syria's foreign minister on Thursday in the first high-level talks between the two countries in years.

The meeting came hours after the chief U. Tens of thousands of protesters streamed to a central Tel Aviv square after sundown Thursday, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert because of a scathing inquiry report about the way he ordered and handled last summer's bloody, costly but inconclusive war in Lebanon.

5 Tips For Surviving the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – Patrick Watson

Turkey's Parliament on Thursday approved July 22 as the date for early general elections, which were called to resolve a government crisis over sharply rising tension between the pro-secular military and the Islamic-rooted government. Both French presidential candidates claimed victory Thursday after meeting in a fiery and combative debate, the only face-to-face encounter between the two before the second round of voting on May 6.

Prime Minister Tony Blair led his beleaguered Labour Party into electoral combat for the final time Thursday in local and regional elections that, amid his unpopularity, could put Scotland on the road toward independence from the rest of Britain. Africa and New Zealand. Lunar occultations of Antares occur every month from Dec..

Pluto/Saturn aspects

The weekend ahead especially Saturday is a far reaching and exploratory affair. Travel is favored. The annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks before dawn Saturday morning; it's observable from the tropics and the Southern Hemisphere. But even there this isn't a good year for the Eta Aquarids, what with the bright moonlight. From this time she inaugurates a trapezodial pattern of planets Mars and Uranus in Pisces, Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Saturn in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius which hold sway in this relationship and dominate the astrology of the next 5 days. In the northern hemisphere late spring is in full sway, in the south the autumn is fading.

Jupiter makes a waxing trine aspect to Saturn. This is a good vibration inducing all sorts of positive reforming developments within society and within the global community over the next 2 years. This is the 2nd of 5. Both the Sun and the Moon, together with Mercury are now in earth signs. The astrological energy today harnesses the movement and directions set out yesterday. Deep roots are established. Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy has won France's presidential election, and his rival concedes defeat. Date of Birth 28 January , Paris. Astrological horoscope below.

State of the skies:- The Sun is today at 16 degrees Taurus. There are now 44 days to the Solstice. Venus enters Cancer tomorrow. Mercury 'zips' into Gemini on Friday of this week. Scientists have discovered that Mercury's core may be partially molten, making it a little more Earth-like than once thought. Using radar and telescopes, Marmot's team measured the spin rate of Mercury and discovered that it wobbles too much to have a solid core.

She enters Aquarius GMT. Northern Ireland's major Protestant and Catholic parties came together Tuesday to form a power-sharing government, marking a "new era of politics" and an end to three decades of sectarian conflict in the province. An Israeli archaeologist on Tuesday said he has found the tomb of King Herod, the legendary builder of ancient Jerusalem and the Holy Land -- a potentially major discovery that capped a year quest for the researcher.

France's defeated Socialists called for an end to post-election violence Tuesday after anti-Sarkozy protesters took to the streets for a second night, leaving cars burned and store windows smashed in Paris as well as unrest elsewhere. Scientists have just released images of the brightest stellar explosion recorded. The supernova, known as SN gy, was believed to be about times as massive as the sun. The explosion could help astronomers better understand how the first generation of stars in the universe died.

A supernova is a rare and often dramatic phenomenon that involves the explosion of most of the material within a star. Supernovas can be very bright for a short time and usually release huge amounts of energy. A graduate student using a robotic telescope that was part of the Texas Supernova Search project first detected SN gy on September 18, For about 70 days it got brighter, peaking with a brightness comparable to 50 billion suns, much brighter than most other supernovas.

Supernovas are usually bright for a couple of weeks at most. The explosion was estimated about million light years away from Earth. The Moon wanes and accelerates towards last quarter phase in Aquarius. General intransigence dominates the next two days. This square aspect forms one part of the current T-square between these two planets and Neptune. This one has just got to be gone through. It's not easy and turbulence follows in its wake. Nevertheless it will pass. British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to announce his intention to step down as Labour Party leader today, ending weeks of speculation about his departure and setting the clock ticking on the final weeks of his year premiership.

Blair's official spokesman said the prime minister would set out his intentions to Cabinet colleagues this morning. He is then expected to travel to his Sedgefield constituency in northern England to make a public announcement. We may even be able to kickstart one of the Sextiles and watch it activate the other five! Pluto represents that which Cannot Be Ignored. We need to ride this River downstream. Ask your doctor if Climate Change Denial is good for you, it should say.

Ask your doctor if Globalization is good for you. Ask your doctor if Glyphosate-saturated, mineral-deficient food-like substances are good for you. If Death occurs, tell your doctor immediately and discontinue use. We still have quite a bit of material left in this Eclipse chart that keeps on Giving — to be continued!

So the Grand Cross is the ultimate in perpetual Motivation. Most Grand Cross people are Superachievers. You may have had to work your butt off at it, but to them it was as natural as Breathing. They say he knows as much about rocket science as the experienced engineers he hires. The represent prenatal Alignments in your Psyche that makes Life easier. Not Work, but Love. Like the Grand Trine, it symbolizes Grace, but not dumb-luck Grace. A Grand Sextile has two Grand Trines embedded in it. Hopi completes the Grand Sextile. Oh, and did we mention that the asteroid Pandora is there with Hopi too?

Along with the asteroids Sappho and Arachne. Arachne is particularly appropriate, since in the Hopi Mythology it was Spider Grandmother who wove the Universe. What all this means, is that any projects we started this week, or start Thursday or Friday or this weekend, will fly like a rocket!

Left-justified bold italic type is meant to communicate with anyone. We use the Fuchsia type for emphasis. In rocket science, the Sky is not the Limit! The result of our new Adventures will be greater Attention to our Missions. We may want to have a Manganotantalite Crystal handy, or at least a picture of one we can Channel Energy from, as Manganotantalite — Manganese Tantalum Oxide — is very good at gilding our tongue.

And a couple of other things have popped up. First, Vesta is Conjunct the Centaur Nessus! Well, this puts Nessus at the focus of our Flying Squirrel. Nessus is about Privilege and the calling out of Privilege, particularly Unconscious male Privilege. So this week is a big week for a shift in Gender Balance, so Reanimation of the Earth is really right in line.

Which is actually an excellent practice for this week…. For instance, I was grumbling to myself this afternoon about this very thing. It was trespass that irritated me, but when I ask myself how I trespass the direct Mirror , nothing pops up. In the Funhouse Mirror, though, what shows up is Deservingness. Am I willing to stand up and unequivocally Claim my Space? When I contemplate that, I find only visions of escalating violence rather than any sense of Peace and Safety. So I get to look beneath that Mirror for the little man behind the curtain.

The Centaur Asbolus. So our Grand Sextile endures for a solid week. Ceres has been Out of Bounds since Christmas. So Asbolus Clairvoyance supports Juno Consciousness which supports Makemake Manifestation which supports Saturn Focus which supports Ceres Sustainability which supports Mercury Alertness which supports Asbolus, etc, in a rising crescendo.

Not only that, but we can take these in any order we want — so So Sustainability supports Consciousness which supports Focus , just to suggest one possible partial combination. In other words, this week Intuition and Analysis and Growth and Attention and Permanence and Creativity are all mutually supportive. The Centaur Hylonome. When our Beliefs or Dogmas or Archetypes change, our Boundaries change with them.

Which brings us to the Stellium, a significant Configuration in its own right, for several reasons. When a planet is either Stationary or Out of Bounds, its influence is Stronger than usual.

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In general, when a planet is Approaching a major event, such as a Station or an important Angle, the influence is Strong, and grows Stronger until the event is Exact. After that, the influence fades fairly quickly if one is Conscious about the event, more slowly if one is not Conscious around it, and not at all if one is Defended against it. The Mythical Centaur Hylonome committed Suicide with the spear that killed her Lover, rather than live without him.

So we interpret the Cosmic Centaur Hylonome to symbolize Grief over major Changes in our Life, such as detachment from an Archetype, or from any other Energy with which we had been Merged. The Loss of an Archetype is indeed an Ego Death. With Pallas Conjunct, Boundaries are obviously involved, and there is a strong implication that we will be strengthening a Boundary against an Archetypal Trance, or loosening a Boundary that overprotected us. Or it may be us with the gilded tongue, talking our way out of long-standing entanglements that no longer serve us.

Eclipses reveal to us Energies which were previously merged with the background but which are now made obvious by their absence. The more we Embrace our Grief, the less painful it is. The Centaur Chariklo. Almost forgot that Chariklo, part of the Stellium, is Stationary on April 7! The photo is by Waldemar Skorupa. The Portal The Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile was discovered astrologically and publicized, at great personal expense, by Johnny Mirihiel…. The Vacancies article gives us some benchmarks to compare to our own subsequent Lives.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

Now as you know, fiery Aries squares Cancer and Capricorn, opposes Libra, sextiles Gemini and Aquarius, and trines Leo and Sagittarius, so personal planets in those signs will be affected at various points by energetic Mars in Aries Post a Comment. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.